5 Tips for Converting the Uninterested Prospect

Sometimes you will find yourself in a meeting with an insurance lead, who has no interest in buying your products or even hearing what you have to say. While there may be a temptation to scream, “What are you wasting my time for!,” we would advise against. Instead collect your thoughts, refocus on the prospect, and see how you can break through their defenses. To help, we’ve put together these five tips for converting the uninterested prospect. Give them a try the next time you are in this situation. It may not work every time, but it will definitely give you options where it seems like none exist. Let’s get started!


1. Pinpoint Their Objection

These are presumably people who submitted info for an online quote, meaning they wanted you or someone like you to contact them. You know they were interested in what you had to say at one point, and even now, they’re taking your meeting, so what gives? Use what you know about the prospect and why they’re sitting across from you to mine information until they give you something specific you can use. If you learn nothing else from the interaction, it’s a victory as long as you can pinpoint the reason(s) for their resistance/rejection.


2. Target A Specific

Specifics definitely help! Let’s say the prospect has just bought another policy and they met with you to be polite. Now they’ve given you a reason. “Sorry, bought elsewhere, I’m here because I assumed you were buying me a coffee.” You can work with this. First, buy the coffee. Next, ask them something specific about the policy they purchased, like “Did you have (this feature) in your coverage?” They will likely not have an answer. The goal isn’t to make them look stupid but to show them you’re here to help and to look out for their best interests — something the agent or company who sold the policy may have failed to emphasize.


3. Offer Value

If they’re still listening but unready to change their minds, offer value — besides the coffee — like maybe asking if you could give them a full policy review of their existing coverage. This will ensure they have no gaps or vulnerabilities in their coverage, and it could even save them money. Very few people can resist the urge to save money provided a) little is expected of them; and b) it won’t take long to learn the results.


4. Wish Them Well

If you’ve tried the above and it didn’t work, make peace with their “no” … for now. Wish them well, and say thank you for taking the time to meet. No sense burning bridges. You never know when they might talk you up to others as a “nice person” or remember you should they become dissatisfied with their existing coverage.


5. Permission To Follow-Up

Before bidding the prospect farewell, assure them you don’t want to be a bother and that you’ll stay out of their hair for now, but ask permission to follow up with that free review around the time of renewal. Explain to them about how rates tend to change around that time, and you just want a second shot to save them money when the time comes. Most will say yes, and that gives you another shot at future business.


In Summary

It can be frustrating having your “time wasted” by an uninterested prospect, but remember there is no such thing as a waste of time if you can learn from the situation and gain experience. And you never know: you might even change minds along the way.

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