5 Self Motivation Tips Every Independent Insurance Agent Should Know

Independent insurance agents lead different lives from most of America’s workers. With this type of professional, it’s less about showing up at a certain place for the day and punching a time clock and more about self motivation and focus. The independent insurance agent realizes that his well-being depends largely on his results, and if he isn’t selling, he isn’t eating. While that can be motivation enough to get out there and perform, you still have some hurdles ahead of you thanks to the autonomy that the job provides. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of how you can motivate yourself when no one is looking over your shoulder.


1. Go to the office, even if you dont have one

Office space is easy to find. If you have a home with a spare bedroom, all you need to do is set up your laptop on top of a desk and get busy sending out emails, writing blogs, generating insurance leads, and making calls. It takes very little square footage. However, you may have a spouse and a child constantly vying for your attention. If that’s the case and you can’t go anywhere else to work, you might consider having a talk with them and letting them know that when the door is shut, you can’t be bothered unless it’s a life-and-death emergency. If that doesn’t work, go to a coffee shop or consider subletting office space. You’d be surprised at some of the deals that you can get from commercial real estate owners in your area. For example, I know one agent, who sublets his office from a local business for $100 per month (and no, they’re not family members)! See what you can afford, then get creative.


2. Plan your workweek the night before it begins

Sunday nights are a freeing time for the independent insurance agent because they offer you a chance to sit and think about what needs to be done and what you CAN do without all the added pressure of prospect or customer meetings. You have the ability to be inside your own headspace without fear of repercussion, and it’s actually one of the rare activities that make you more productive that you can do while watching a movie, television show, or sporting event.


3. Dont overburden your days

You may think putting 10 or 15 action items down on your daily lists are going to result in more productivity. If so, you’d be wrong! One suggestion that has always helped: ask yourself at the start of the week what the five things are that you have to get accomplished for the week ahead, if you accomplish nothing else? (Five, of course, because you’ll be doing one per day.) After you do that, brainstorm a list of the things that should be done but do not require the same level of immediacy. This gives you the freedom to focus each day where it needs to be focused and then add in some of the incidentals as time permits. Breaking up your week in such a manner will increase productivity exponentially.


4. Be a stickler for routines

The word routine may sound boring, but it’s actually what gives you the freedom to live an exciting life. By having certain routines that prepare you for work each day, you can blow through your to-do list with more purpose and success, and that will open up many possibilities both personally and professionally. Don’t run from routines. Try to make the first 90 minutes of your day about you and about getting yourself ready for the challenges of the day.


In Summary

If you work from home or autonomously, then you know how difficult it can be to get and stay motivated. Follow the four tips we’ve listed here, and I believe you’ll find that it comes a lot easier. Best of luck!

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