5 Rules for Finding New Business

Finding new business for your marketing funnel is as much a part of your “job” as an insurance agent as closing a sale. Invariably, many insurance agents can run into a lot of trouble by neglecting this part of things. They may get comfortable with their client list and let their lead generation muscles atrophy. Then, when they lose a major account or six, they feel like they’re starting all over again. If this sounds like you — or if you’d just like to brush up on how you can find new business more quickly — these rules are for you.


1. Work with what you have

If you already have clients in your stable, take some time to simply reach out and ask the question: “Would you mind referring me to anyone?” There are different ways that you can ask that question, but the purpose behind it is what is most important to convey. You appreciate their business, and you would like to know if you can offer the same value to friends or family members. Even if they don’t have anyone in mind now, they may have people in mind in the future. Also, if referrals aren’t working for you, look at the types of clients that you have and pursue others in the same demographics.


  1. 2. Find reputable lead generation sources

Hometown Quotes has worked hard to distinguish itself from a lot of the lead generation sites on the web. We take more time to vet our leads so you’re not competing with the entire state for each piece of business. That’s not the case with many of our competitors, unfortunately. If you’ve been burned by lead generation sources before, it’s probably due to this lack of vetting, and that’s a very big deal. No one wants to be contacted too late in the game, and no one wants to be bombarded by an army of insurance agents. Choose carefully.


3. Build reliable marketing systems

If you don’t want to pay for leads, then consider putting together a well-thought-out marketing system using technology and your knowledge of the insurance industry. Successful agents today brand themselves online with quality blogs that provide real value to their clients. They connect with all comers on social media and are highly responsive to the questions that people send to them. They even invite this type of interaction. They also learn about things like local search and pour resources into being seen at the top of Google. Last but not least, they continue to respect traditional marketing methods in and around their community.


4. Emphasize customer service to your staff

Quality customer service can separate you from the pack when it comes to walk-ins and generating passive referrals from satisfied customers. Set the example with how you treat each customer, and stay in contact with your staff so you know what’s going on at the office level.


5. Get seen in the community

We mentioned traditional marketing in No. 3 above, but this goes a little beyond that to the heart of what makes local business owners successful. You have to be seen and heard in and around the community. Attend Chamber of Commerce functions, buddy up with small business owners in the area as well as their employees. Host events for the good of the community. Cumulative impressions cannot be overlooked when it comes to successfully landing business.


In Summary

You definitely want to keep your marketing funnel stocked with new business at all times. That’s why systems are so important. By having them in place, you can put this all-important part of your business on auto-pilot and focus on the business-at-hand: closing sales.

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