5 Qualities You’ll Need to Get More Referrals

Referrals alone won’t save your insurance business. After all, how are you going to get them if you’re just starting out and it’s day one, prospect one? But as time goes along, these can be among the most powerful resources for growing your income. You just have to know how to get them, and that starts and ends with the five qualities we’re about to share with you. As you read through each one, try to envision yourself actually exhibiting these qualities. Visualization makes it easier to turn things you’re not good at into things you are good at. And you really do need to be good at each of these.



Simply asking every one of your prospects to refer you is an okay idea, but it may not be your most productive usage of time. A little explanation: by asking every single person to refer you to friends and family, you’re sort of stepping into a sales-y mode, which may turn off some clients. It’s far better to investigate the people you ask for referrals from first. Why? Because in doing so, you can feel more confident approaching them. So what sort of things should you be looking for in this investigation? You should be gravitating toward existing customers, who are already deeply satisfied with the value you’re providing. They are probably the clients you feel the most at-ease around. Sit down with your list. Try to learn something personal about each client and their family. Make note of the ones with whom you have a strong connection. As you’re doing this, some of the candidates are going to pop out while others may need moderate consideration.


Nurture Your Clients

If you’re the type of agent, who cares about his clients and it shows, then you may not even have to ask for referrals. Your satisfied customers may already be sending them to you! To get that kind of auto-pilot referral system going, though, you’ll need to really nurture your clients. Take care of their questions. Always be available, and if you can’t be, don’t make them wait forever to get a call returned. Know what they need before they need it, and know the right time to spring it on them. Slow down and take the time to explain what they really need to know about their policies in clear terms.


Show Courage

Once you know whom your top clients are, muster up the courage to ask them for a referral. For some of you, this will be very easy; for others, not so much. But for all of you, it’s necessary.


Be Professional

When you approach an insurance lead, who is referred to you by an existing client, make sure that you’re at your most professional. Dress successfully, be genuinely interested in the prospect’s life, be ready to answer all of their most likely questions, and if you don’t have an answer, tell them you’ll get them one within 24 hours. Most answers are possible in that time, but do adjust if there are any exceptions. Even if you can’t get the new prospect a straight answer, you can continually communicate with them throughout the process, so they’re not left wondering what comes next.


Cut Those Strings!

By “cutting” the strings, we mean that you should not attach any strings in the first place to relationships between new prospect and referrer. Treat both with the utmost respect and as professionally as you can; and if a referral doesn’t work out, don’t let it negatively affect your relationship with the existing client.


In Summary

As you get ready to take your business to the next level, give more thought to how you go about asking for and handling referrals. They can be some of your most profitable business, and they can also help bolster loyalty for years to come.

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