5 Local Partnerships Perfect for Insurance Agents

Local partnerships are essential to any insurance agent’s marketing journey. Even though most of the world has gone online, you can still mine a lot of insurance leads from the places and people that you run into every day. If you are struggling with finding qualified insurance leads, consider upping your game in this area and looking more into the following partnership ideas.


Local Restaurants

In every community, there are three types of restaurants — fast food, chain, and locally owned and operated. You should consider using each type when it comes to partnerships, particularly with business card display and promotions for free food. Fast food and major chain restaurants may have rules in place that exclude owners from taking part in such activities, so that’s why you should consider locally owned and operated partnerships to start. You might consider a referral program where you get to leave your business cards at the register, and if someone brings that card in and signs up, they get X amount of dollars as a gift certificate to the restaurant.


Chamber of Commerce

Each month your Chamber of Commerce will host a variety of events filled with business owners and professionals like you. These individuals can often be customers themselves, or at the very least, a connection to one of their co-workers or family members, who can benefit from what you have to offer.



Whenever people have a need for the law — as in cases of wills or divorce — they often need insurance agents as well. You might consider working with a local attorney to get your information in front of the right people. After all, whenever there is a major life change, there is usually the need to change insurance info (beneficiaries, for example).



Sponsoring school events can be one of the best ways to get your information in front of the right people. After all, students are the current and future automobile drivers and Mom and Dad are going to need an affordable way to insure their children moving forward. While teens can be expensive regardless, this is often a great “foot in the door” time for insurance agents because parents are usually desperate to keep costs low when adding a child to their policy. If you can come in and offer a comprehensive package that takes care of all insurance needs and beats competitors on price, you can start building a relationship with parents and children that will last for years to come. Working with schools to sponsor events and programs is a highly lucrative step.



People’s beliefs are very sacred to them, and whatever they are, as long as they’re doing no harm to others, that should be respected. In other words, don’t use religion and church as a cashbox. People will often see through it and it could backfire severely on your reputation. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having genuine beliefs yourself and just sharing who you are and what you do with people, who share those beliefs. Above all, be authentic! The results can truly pay off.


In Summary

In a world where everyone is into mobile advertising and retargeting and blogging and social media, it can seem unsexy to hit up the old ways. However, ignoring the outlets listed above is a mistake. We may all be “online” more, but we’re still here in the “real world” as well, and it pays to establish your presence where you are, since it’s where you’ll be doing your living and working. What are some local partnerships that have helped you to excel at your job? Share yours in the comments section!

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