5 Great Sources of Testimonials for Your Insurance Agency

Word of mouth can be a difficult thing to create if you’re not accustomed to asking people to say nice things about you. Nevertheless, you do need to be bold about getting people to endorse your company and the work that you do for them. As you venture into this realm of online marketing, here are some great sources to consider.


1. Facebook.

If you have a business page on Facebook, then you can make good use of the reviews tab and encourage all of your friends/customers to drop by and say some nice words about you if you were able to provide value to them in some way. Since more than a billion people are on this social networking platform, the odds are very much in your favor that your customers have pages there, and it’s likely they check their pages regularly. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind leaving a good review if they’re satisfied with their service, and while you’re at it — and you should be doing this part for all the sources on this list — ask if you can feature their review/testimonial on your web page.


2. Google Alerts.

Setting up a Google Alert for your name and company can be a great way to catch wind of what people are saying about you online. For instance, if someone says something glowing on a forum or blog and you get a notification, you can then reach out to that person and see if they wouldn’t mind letting you use some version of their review on your site, along with more detailed contact information. (Real names make a big difference in the authenticity.)


3. LinkedIn.

Always connect with your customers on LinkedIn, at least as far as they are available. This social network is a bit more no-nonsense and business-driven, so an endorsement there will carry a lot more weight than a Facebook Review. Something else that this can help with, is if you’re looking for a new employer in the insurance industry. Should that company see what you’ve done for your customers and how highly they regard you, you’ve got over the half the work of getting hired done for you.


4. Local Directories.

You have a bit less control over this source for testimonials, but in a way that’s a good thing because you can check your reputation while you’re at it and see if anything is helping or hurting you on the local marketing front. These reviews are much less solicited than some of the other avenues on this list, and that’s a good thing because it means your service really meant a lot to whoever leaves a good review.


5. Use Rewards.

Offering rewards is a good motivator for your customers to leave a review, but before you go this path, let it be known that you’re only seeking honest reviews. That means providing the reward regardless of what the reviewer thinks of the job you’re doing/did for them, so long as they can show you evidence of where they left the review online. Even in cases where a customer wasn’t particularly satisfied, offering a token of appreciation will usually win their respect, and that can’t hurt you with insurance leads.


In Summary

While testimonials are not the only piece of your online marketing efforts to get the job done, they can cause an insurance customer deciding between several agents to focus a little more on you in a positive light rather than the competition. What are some techniques/sources that you have used for getting testimonials and reviews? Sound off in the comments section!

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