4 Things You Can Talk About On An Insurance Blog Or Podcast

Insurance agents looking to market themselves effectively online are turning more and more to the blog and/or podcast as a way to establish expertise and get their name to the top of Internet searches. But starting one of these content-driven endeavors can be intimidating if you don’t fashion yourself a writer or broadcaster. How can I possibly come up with that much material, you may be asking yourself? Today it’s my hope to answer that question and spark your creativity so that you’re never left scratching your head about what comes next. Let’s get started.


Start with your community.

As an insurance agent, you will be doing a lot of business locally, so it only makes sense to talk about the place where you live, with a special emphasis on events, people, and places that might be beneficial to your business. Example: you might consider shining a light on some individuals or groups, who are doing good things in your city or town. People love recognition, and so do their loved ones. By devoting some time and words to honoring the standouts, you greatly increase your chances of getting passed around on social media. That’s the sort of thing that builds traffic and pushes your name to the top of the local search listings.


Focus on productive business partners and their employees.

Local businesses can be a great service in your search for content. By scratching their back, they are much more likely to scratch yours, and that can result in some unforeseen yet highly profitable benefits. For example, you could find some angle for talking or writing about something good that a business and its employees are doing. This establishes goodwill, which can be reciprocated through direct business and/or referrals. But what does that have to do with selling insurance, you might be asking? Nothing directly. But indirectly, it can be a very powerful tool. Besides, what kind of customer listens to a podcast or reads a blog to learn how to sell insurance? (Answer: none.)


Address claims expectations and offer insurance buying tips.

What pieces of information do you wish that all your customers knew at the time that they purchase their first policies? What would you say to a prospect, who was on the fence about buying a policy through you? Answering these two questions can serve as material for countless posts or broadcasts. What person wouldn’t want to know how they can save money when their teen starts driving? What vital pieces of information can greatly help a customer when they get into an accident and the other party contradicts their story? Don’t forget that your customers don’t live in the same business or travel in the same circles as you. Many things that you take for granted about your business can be a life-changing morsel of information to your audience.


Share case studies and statistics.

Fascinating statistics and case studies that are related to the line of products that you’re selling are always interest-piquing if presented in the right manner. Your challenge with this is to make it accessible and actionable for the listener. Don’t just share with them the fact that four out of five teens are guilty of texting while driving. Talk about ways that parents are fighting the trend. By making the information approachable, you will improve the chances that your audience looks at you as an expert. And when that happens, take a wild guess who they’re going to come to the next time they have an insurance need. (You.)


In Summary

Your blog or podcast doesn’t have to be the cornerstone of your business. You don’t have to be posting or broadcasting every day. But in these times of mass media consumption, they can be highly effective in helping you reach the maximum amount of prospects with a minimal amount of effort. In other words, they can be extremely effective insurance lead generation tools that allow you to establish trust and expertise while making the soft sell that has become so effective across all sales channels in the 21st Century. Above all, when developing content, try to deliver at least one piece of information or advice that will improve a customer or prospect’s life for the better.

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