4 Sales Tips for Shy Insurance Agents

Many people have the mistaken belief that just because you have a career in sales you must be completely at ease around people — a so-called people person. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact many times it’s the exact opposite. Still, it helps to possess many of the same qualities of extroverts when it comes to closing the deal. Not to worry. You can still be just as successful if this sort of thing doesn’t come easy. Here are some tips to get you there.


1. Become an information guru

Obviously you still need to be generating leads, or people who’ve indicated they’re ready to buy your particular line of products, but instead of leaning on them to buy, show an eagerness to answer their questions and concerns. Make it your goal to give them the tools and information to buy, and they’ll appreciate the non-aggressive yet assertive way that you’ve answered their inquiry.


2. Ditch cold calling

It takes a special mindset to embrace cold calling, and the results are always disappointing. I’ve always thought of cold calling as something that you do to feel like you’re working when in reality you might as well be twiddling your thumbs. Bottom line: if it isn’t working for you, then why continue to do it. There are much better ways of generating leads anyway, and we’re about to get into it.


3. Log on

A strong online marketing funnel is essential to thriving as a shy or introverted insurance agent. The rise of technology has really benefitted the introvert, and this is where you can stand out or at least level the playing field. How do you make the web work for you. By being seen on it. Notice the words “being seen.” That doesn’t mean starting a website or blog and failing to promote it. It means getting your presence out there in the places where your insurance leads are.

What should your online marketing accomplish? It should let them know you’re there, and it should give the prospect some idea of why they should listen to you. Blogs work well for establishing authority. Social networks like Facebook are good for promotion. Local directories like Yelp are good for local search placement. Just remember that fresh content is being produced every day, and yours will be competing with it, so make sure you’re active.


4. You’re approachable. Play to that.

Go to any party, and it’s easy to tell the introverts from the extroverts. The extroverts are the life of the party. They’re mingling with everyone, and making it look so easy. Introverts may be in conversation, but they’re typically in more one-on-one interactions, or they’re hanging back and observing the proceedings. It’s not that they suffer from a lack of confidence; it’s that they’re confident being themselves. This makes them approachable. As an introverted insurance agent, you can borrow from that approachability to sell your product. Prospects won’t feel like you’re about to launch into “hard sell” mode every five minutes, and they’ll be more apt to open up and engage.


In Summary

Salespeople come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide variety of personality types. Not every agent is going to be naturally outgoing, so if you’re not, don’t let it get you down. Your personality actually houses the tools of the trade that you’ll need to thrive. You just have to stop thinking of yourself as a “typical” agent and more like the person that you are. What are some challenges that you face in approaching prospects? Share your experiences in our comments section!

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