4 Sales Tactics Your Local Competition Aren’t Using, But Should Be

Sales definitely isn’t like it used to be. Over the last 20 years, society has gotten a lot smarter about when they’re being sold to, and it turns out they hate it. Sure, they accept that sales channels and people need to exist, but they don’t like feeling pressured or manipulated into making a decision. This has created challenges and exciting new solutions that most insurance agents in your area are failing to recognize.

How can we make a bold statement like that when we don’t know much about your particular location? Simply by looking at the amount of insurance agents who fail each year to sustain their businesses. If more agents were using these tactics, they would have a much higher success rate.


Show you appreciate customers who give qualified referrals with something of value.

Happy insurance customers refer more insurance customers, who are probably just like them. After all, people tend to befriend people with like interests. So if a satisfied customer feels comfortable enough to give you the name of a friend or family member, you can safely assume that you’re dealing with someone, who has similar dreams and goals and behaviors. Therefore, when you do get a referral from a valued customer, make sure that you say thank you in a way that goes beyond form letters and your company’s stationery. If you know something personal about the client, then try to reward them with a gift of appreciation that plays into their field of interest. This gesture will be much more appreciated than a boring card, and it could lead to even more qualified referrals from the same source.


Follow local reporters on social media.

Why would you want to make friends with a reporter? Bear with me as I try to take you down this rabbit hole. Reporters frequently discuss issues that may be of interest to the insurance industry. People who read those types of stories can be highly qualified leads given the right time and circumstances. By following local reporters on social media, you can introduce yourself through a tweet or a Facebook message offering up your name as a source they can go to for comments at a moment’s notice. If reporters feel they can get a quick turnaround from you, they’re more likely to use you as a source in their stories. And if your name is in the print media, it will likely be in the online version as well. Therefore, with just one small gesture, you can be affirmed as an expert in your field to every demographic, who may have interest in the material you’re commenting on. If they think you’re an expert, they are much more likely to give you their business as the need arises.


Recognize the businesses and the people of your community.

Many insurance agents don’t fashion themselves as writers. They know they need a blog, but they have no idea what to put on it. Break free from this group by using your blog to single out businesses and people who are important to your community. If you write — or pay someone to write — favorable profiles to local community groups and people, that will likely get shared on social media by local people. These may be the type of people in the market for insurance. They’re simply looking to deal with a friendly, knowledgeable professional — a professional like you.


Make your employees brand evangelists.

A lot is said about turning your customers into brand evangelists, and it’s true that that can be a highly effective method of gaining referral business and retaining existing. But not as much is said about turning your employees into brand evangelists. They likely have as big of a social footprint as any of your customers. So why not give them incentive to become a cheerleader for your business? You can do this by empowering them to make decisions at work, valuing their time and quality of life, and showing your appreciation to them for their hard work with incentives that go beyond the paycheck. (Think gift cards or buying them something from a store that you know they’re interested in simply to say “thanks.”)


In Summary

There are many more creative ways to spread your brand locally, and as long as you’re the one innovating and trying a bunch of things, you’ll stand a better chance of distinguishing yourself from the other local agents. Best of luck!

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