4 Rules for Automating Your Insurance Marketing Efforts

Marketing is in a state of flux as it moves from the offline world to on. As an insurance agent selling in a local market, you will never fully let go of the methods that worked in the past. After all, a good relationship with a business or a customer can yield the best results. However, with more people shopping online for insurance, it’s important that you start putting your business where those eyeballs are most likely to be. Unfortunately, it can be more work than you’re willing to take on when your primary business is focused on landing highly qualified leads and making sales. As a result you may wish to automate some online efforts — particularly email marketing, PPC advertising, blogging, social media, etc. But before you go out and hire the first agency you see, learn and follow these four rules.


1. Work with someone, who understands online marketing first; insurance second.

Is it a plus to have an agency working for you that understands your part of the insurance market? Of course! But that should not be your primary motivation for hiring them. The reason: too often, you expect too much from the agency and not enough of yourself. And at day’s end, the truth is that no one can be better at your business than you are. If they could be, then you would need to consider a new line of work. Instead know what your principle objectives are, and take lead on those. Use an agency or a team of freelance professionals to handle the online marketing aspects with your brand and message as the driving force.


2. Educate yourself

Just like it helps to have an agency understand something about what you do, it also helps for you to understand what they do. That doesn’t mean understanding with the intent and purpose to take it over, but it does mean learning enough about online marketing so you know when you’re getting a good deal on results and pricing, and so that you have an idea about what it can do to boost your business rather than detract from it.


3. Determine the metrics that matter to you from the beginning

One of the great things about online marketing for your business is that it gives you a streamline, irrefutable sense of how effective it is in reaching new prospects and in determining how many of those are being converted over to highly qualified leads. From the outset, it’s important to sit down with the agency or freelance professionals and have a discussion about why you’re doing this, what you hope to gain, and what results you expect to see. By learning as much as you can from both the experts and your own research, you can determine the metrics that really matter and use those to gauge the effectiveness (or lagging) of your marketing results.


4. Make it a team effort

Don’t be the only member of your organization that knows what is going on or what the overall objective is with your online insurance marketing efforts. Make sure that all your employees understand the usefulness and effectiveness of what you’re doing, so you can each have a part in matching your business and industry knowledge with the experience of the marketing team.


In Summary

Online insurance marketing is here to stay, and the sooner you can get involved with it the better. If you’re like the many insurance businesses that see the value in outsourcing, follow the rules listed above and reap the benefits. Good luck!

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