4 Posts Every Insurance Agent Could Share To Win At Facebook

As an insurance agent, it’s not unusual to become so invested in the revenue end of your business that you lose sight of the marketing aspects. If you are not selling, then you feel as though you are failing. But the reality of the matter is that all parts of your business are necessary for growth. While it would be nice to convert every insurance lead that comes your way, the truth is that you cannot win them all. However, you can use the time that you are not interacting with your clients and potential clients to build a strong web presence that makes people want to do business with you. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this task is through social media. Social networks like Facebook are absolutely free, and they can serve as a terrific hub for customers to find and approach you.

If you are going to embrace social media, particularly Facebook, then it’s important that you are selective with the types of posts that you share. When sharing, try to remember that visitors come to your page based on some insurance need. As you think about posts to share, let that guide your decision-making. Here are four posts that every insurance agent can share today to make their Facebook page an appropriate, compelling, must follow source for the potential insurance customer.


Insurance Tips

Most people in the market for auto insurance–as an example–will want to know how they can keep their families and themselves safe from harm. For this, safety tips are a great choice and they’re easy to put together. Likewise, educating your customers about how insurance works and offering tips that can lead to bigger savings (info on driver’s ed programs, stacking coverage, etc.) will hit the sweet spot.


Outlandish News Items

Obviously not every news item will be appropriate, so try to limit these posts to only those crazy items that can be tied directly or indirectly to some aspect of insurance. Road rage for auto insurance, a used home purchase overrun with brown recluse spiders coming out of the walls, too-young-for-school kids who are pulled over driving their parents’ cars—all of these are news items that really happened in years and months past, and they can all be tied to one of your products in some way. These post-types won’t convert leads necessarily, but they will establish your page as an interesting place to be, and when one of your followers does have an insurance need, they’re more likely to come to you because you caught their attention in a unique and memorable way. (Of course, keeping them is up to you.)


Sample Quotes

You might want to consider running quotes from time to time based on existing customer parameters to give potential customers some tangible, concrete idea of what they can expect to pay for specific insurance products. Of course, it would be advised to leave it very general so you are not violating anyone’s privacy. In other words, you only want to use actuarial data, not detailed descriptions of the customers in question. After all, if you deal a lot in referrals, there is a possibility that one customer might know exactly who you were talking about based on the sample quote and their relationship with your other client. Do your very best to respect to the client’s privacy at all times.



Believe it or not, Data is not as boring as it sounds to the average customer. If you have some interesting statistics or trivia that you can share with your customers, choose to do it in an attractive visual display like the infographic. That way, you are dispensing useful information to your customers and potential customers without taking up too much of their time. If the data is interesting enough, they might even share it.


In Summary

Whether you have time or not, a Facebook page or a healthy social networking platform is pretty much essential to any 21st-century insurance agent. So whether it’s you or an assistant, try putting some of the ideas above to work on your platform. You will like your results. Best of luck!

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