4 More Ways To Boost Social Media Content Appeal

A strong social media presence on a site like Facebook or LinkedIn can make a world of difference in the success of your business. By building up an engaged audience, you can enjoy a lower barrier to entry when it comes to converting some of those audience members into full-fledged customers. But as we’ve written about before on this blog, social media requires more savvy than simple link reposting. You need to make it so that your audience will react positively and find something worth telling their friends and family about. Here are some ways to boost the appeal of your social media content.


1. Share things of interest to your customers.

There are many compelling studies that offer food for thought, and most of them are geared towards your customers. For example, texting while driving is a huge issue at present, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Sharing data on the number of deaths caused by texting drivers while posing the question, “Should texting while driving be punished the same as DUIs?” is a great way to pique interest and generate lively discussions. If you’re having difficulty coming up with something, delve in to your customer database and find some personal details on your customers for guidance. Don’t share any of this specific information obviously, but do use it to find content that might speak to a specific problem or situation that you know your customers are dealing with.


2. Measure your metrics.

Facebook has a pretty strong system for showing you which posts are performing well and which aren’t. However, you can dig even deeper than this with a platform like SocialFlow. With SocialFlow, there is an actual meter that measures the resonance of a post with your audience based on past history. So, for example, if you’ve had a string of auto insurance posts do well, and you set up your message in SocialFlow to say something like, “Auto insurance rates are expected to fall in the next year,” then as you’re typing that out, the meter will recalculate to let you know if your message is 0% likely to resonate or 100%. The closer to 100% that you can get, the more likely that post will perform well based on how your users have reacted to similar themes in the past, so it pays to play with the wording and your attempts at engagement until you have something worth sharing.


3. Tie in content to an incentive of some kind.

One of the earliest methods that blogs were able to use to pick up traction and build healthy communities of users, was the giveaway. This is still pretty effective on social media. By choosing a product or service that you can give away to your followers — something that will appeal to them without straying too far from the core of your business — you can get them to engage with the content that you’re sharing. Be creative about how you do it, and make sure you pick something that a good cross-section will find useful. Try something like, “Share and comment on this post to be entered into a contest for a free [insert incentive here],” with the stipulation that the most thoughtful comments will have the best chance at winning.


4. Social media advertising.

If you have a piece of content that is performing well organically, consider throwing some marketing dollars into boosting or sponsoring the post. When that happens, platforms like Twitter and Facebook will allow more eyeballs to see what you’re offering. The payoff can be huge.


In Summary

The appeal of your content will wholly depend on how well you know your audience and how passionate that you are about what you’re sharing. By using your knowledge of customer and industry as well as the myriad technological tools at your disposal, you can cheaply and effectively cast a big net.

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