3 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Insurance Career

While every career can go through its highs and lows, it can be particularly tough getting started in a sales-oriented career like insurance. At first, it seems like you don’t have the experience or the contacts to land that first sale, and if you never land the first one, you’ll never get the rest either. But before you give up, slow down and take stock of what the job is really about. It’s about finding insurance leads who have a need and then serving them. Essentially you are not selling but providing a service. All you have to do is locate the right people, and convince them why you’re their best bet. Here are some ways to do just that.


On Finding Clients: Look in the Mirror

When you are starting out and you don’t have the “industry contacts” you think you need, consider turning the search back on yourself. What are/were your insurance needs? How did you/have you fulfilled them? Who are some people you know personally who could stand to benefit from what you’re offering? Selling to people like us is often a great equalizer before you’ve logged the experience to spread out across other demographics, so take a hard look in the proverbial mirror and make note of what you find.


On Developing Your Pitch: Find a Mentor

Few people ever find success without influences. If you’ve yet to find an influencer, or mentor, then I highly suggest seeking one out. Spend a day or two with them. See how they approach prospects and run their offices. Of course, this can be tricky if you’re in the same market because potential mentors may turn out to be your competition, in which case it may be harder getting someone receptive to you. That’s why working at an established agency for a period of time is so often recommended before setting out on your own. The web is also a great learning tool because you can find people, who are already successfully doing it and learn from the platforms they’ve built up for themselves. Our blog as well as that of John F. Carroll’s can point you in the right direction. In both cases, the specialty is on marketing yourself to prospects and customers and building loyal customers instead of just getting as many sales as possible. Remember: when it comes to expertise and guidance, you can never have too much. So beyond these two blogs, we would also encourage you to jump down the digital rabbit hole and collect as many thought leaders as you can on insurance marketing and sales tips.


On Developing Trust: Be Yourself

Customers today — particularly insurance customers — are wise to the sales tactics of yesteryear. They want to be informed, not sold to. That’s why it’s important you take off your sales hat and replace it with your service hat. By offering expertise, guidance, and other information your client wants and/or needs to know, you build a trust that they will find it hard saying no to when the time comes to swing their business one way or the other. Many agents struggle because they lose sight of what the job is supposed to be, opting instead to think of it as a “sales-oriented” position. Yes, you have to sell to make a living, but you’ll have much more success when you focus on service over coercion.


In Summary

This is not an extensive list for what you can do to get your insurance career off the ground, but it’s a good primer for starting your engine. By selling to people who are similar to yourself, learning from those who’ve gone before you, and ditching the “sales act” for a more natural approach, you’ll soon be on your way. Good luck!

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