12 topics to jumpstart your insurance blog

htqblog1We’ve been talking quite a bit about blogging for your insurance business. If you’ve never written a blog post or read many blogs, you may be wondering what you should write about. Never fear! The possibilities are endless.

What’s important is that what you write is unique and interesting – so Google will send readers to your blog and so readers will stick around and read what you have to say. You can write about:

1. Why you decided to become an insurance agent.
2. What makes you unique from other insurance agents.
3. The insurance industry.
4. Special discounts for certain insurance products.
5. Consumer insurance tips.
6. Commentary about current news events that have an impact on insurance.
7. Things people can do to save money on insurance.
8. Consumer safety tips.
9. Why everyone needs insurance.
10. What one should do if s/he is in an accident.
11. How to file an insurance claim.
12. The basic components of an insurance policy.

So you have 12 insurance-related topics to jump start your writing for your insurance blog. We’ll have more insurance agency blogging tips and suggestions coming soon! Happy blogging and happy Friday too!

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