$300 License to Blog?

The city of Philadelphia is asking its blogging citizens to pay $300 for a lifetime blogging license. The city is claiming that if you operate a blog and you choose to make money from ads, then it qualifies as a business, no matter how little money is generated.

I think it is ridiculous to ask people to pay $300 to blog just for having AdSense on a blog. Its one thing to tax income made, but it’s another to charge a fee based on potential future earnings. You can check out the full story here: http://citypaper.net/articles/2010/08/19/blogging-business-privilege-tax-philadelphia

So what do you think? Will other cities catch on and start charging you to blog? What about the bloggers hosted on WordPress and Blogger? If blogging is a major part of your business, would you be willing to continue to do so if you had to pay for a license?

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